A new form of education for children of the XXI Century.

If we teach kids history and science in the conventional way, they get bored and run from it. But if we teach them with the advantages of new technologies, they learn much faster and want to know more.

That’s why at Blue Planet Tales we change the way children are taught, turning each history, science and nature lesson into an interactive story, so they’re learning as they read, play and have fun.

The extinction of the dinosaurs, the Moon voyage, building the Pyramids, great inventors, discoverers and other important episodes narrated in the form of adventures, illustrated by wonderful artists, performed by professional actors, with sound effects, interactivities, questions and answers, gamification…

Children will believe they’re playing, but they’ll be learning about the most important moments in the history of the Earth and of humankind.

This new educational solution can be used at any time and anyplace since it has an app for schools that is specially made for students and teachers, at home with a tablet, in paper books and even in audio books, for those who prefer to just listen.

Are you going to miss out? It’s XXI Century education for XXI Century kids.


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