Surely if I ask you what material was used to build the houses of the Three Little Pigs, what was the father’s name of the boy whom nose grew or why Cinderella could not stay up late, you do know the answers.

But if I ask you where set sail Columbus on his trip to America, when reached man the moon or who built the Pyramids of Egypt  doubt arised.

Children learn more and better when having fun, that is why we remember perfectly the stories of our childhood. We enjoyed and lived them and we will never forget them, but they actually don’t contribute too much to our culture.

So it was time to reinvent the world of children’s stories and turn them into educational stories with which children enjoy and also learn.

The trip to the moon, the construction of the Pyramids, the discovery of America, the extinction of the dinosaurs … The best moments of the history of human beings narrated in form of adventures, illustrated by great artists, recited by professional actresses, with sounds , interactivities, questions and answers to reinforce learning …

Great stories with which children will enjoy themselves very much and theirgeneral culture will take a big step forward. Oh, and most importantly, stories, facts and moments that will be in their memory forever.

Please click on the one you like and discover a great story!


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