Educational eBooks

99% of publishers are turning to eBook as follows: they choose a book, they scan it and upload it as a digital book. That is, it is the same paper book but losing the touch and its smell. Nothing new.

However we approach the book as a new concept that requires thinking and digital development from the beginning. The only thing that is similar to paper books is that they can also be read. The rest is all new.

Our eBooks are full of great illustrations that help children to imagine the story and getting into it. They have animations that make them more attractive, and also sounds of what is happening so they can also hear the story narrated by professional actresses. All in the same book.

Digitalizing is not  to do the same as before but in other format. Digitalizing is to take advantage of opportunities that new technologies give to create stories that are much more attractive, entertaining and complete.

In this way children see the reading with different eyes. Reading attracts and engages them so they become lifelong readers.

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Educational eBooks


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