Educational Storybooks for Kids

Children learn more and better when having fun. Therefore we transform the most important moments in the history of the earth and human beings in Interactive Educational Stories with which children have fun while learning great themes of general culture.

All the stories are narrated in form of adventures for children to live them from the beginning and get into the role. The illustrations are drawn by great illustrators who bring reality to the world of children, they are also narrated by professional actresses so each story is a mini theater for them. Besides, they have questions and answers to reinforce learning, interactivities, sound effects, different languages …

A great solution for children to enjoy alone or with their parents.




Apps for Kids



Apps para niñosBlue Planet Tales – Educational StoryBooks for Kids

You can download the app free on the App Store and Google Play. Upon entering to the app you will see a map of the world on which the stories are located. In this manner and from the beginning children will start to learn how is the world in which we live and where did every adventure happened.

There are 27 different stories to suit all tastes. Adventurers, explorers, dinosaurs, jungle animals, long trips, space exploration … They all are suitable reading for children between 4 and 9 years, supervised by primary teachers and speech therapists in order to enjoy in a controlled and secure environment.
We give you away a story:

You can download for FREE ” Laika the dog space travel” and you can also see up to a 25% of the rest of the stories to make sure you find the story you’re looking for your little ones. So there is no doubt that the it is the best choice for children and for parents.


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  1. Dinosaur Extinction
  2. Davy Crockett, the Great American Hero
  3. Apollo 11, a Man on the Moon
  4. The Secret of the Pyramid
  5. Dr Livingstone, African Explorer
  6. The Discovery of America
  7. Darwin and the Great Story of Animals
  8. The Man who Discovered Earth
  9. The Men who Touched the Sky
  10. The Boy Who Wanted to be King
  11. Blackbeard the Pirate
  12. The Emperor’s Journey
  13. Waterfall in Paradise
  14. The Conquest of the South Pole
  15. The Island of 29 Reindeer
  16. Bird Migration
  17. Laika, the Litle Astronaut Dog
  18. Billy the Kid Adventures
  19. Hero of the Olympic Games
  20. Lindbergh, Hero of the Skies
  21. A Child in the Incas Empire
  22. A Young Girl´s Discovery of Fire
  23. Nelson Mandela´s Peace
  24. Marie Curie, a Groundbreaking Intellectual
  25. Mozart, a True Musical Genius
  26. Simon the Liberator
  27. Bravery in the African Zoo


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Download it now and start enjoying this new Educational Concept.

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