Davy Crockett

David Crockett, the First American Hero.

When the USA was being shaped into a great nation, there was a man who gave his life to defend his country, Davy Crockett.

Davy Crockett is one of the great figures in US history. A man who gave up his career in Congress to ride off to Texas to help his fellow countrymen and women, and so became one of the heroes of the Alamo.

His bravery, sacrifice and spirit changed the course of his country’s history forever. Now children everywhere can learn about him and enjoy his story with this interactive tale for iOS and Android tablets.

His life, his adventures, his feats… Written in English and Spanish so even the very young can have fun with history as a beautiful adventure; illustrated by a great artist and narrated by professional actors so that children really enjoy it to the utmost.

With gamification, questions and answers to reinforce learning, individualized scores so they can outdo themselves, and interactivities so they have fun as they learn about one of the most beautiful stories of all times.

A tale based on real history for children to enjoy while they learn about one of the most important times in our country’s history.

Available for iOS and Android in the “Blue Planet Tales” app, where you’ll also find many other interactive stories based on other great moments in history.

Discover the life, history and adventures of one of the most important men in the USA.

davy crockett story for kids davy crockett story for kids

davy crockett story for kids davy crockett story for kids

davy crockett story for kids davy crockett story for kids

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